Project Title: RAPID 3D model of Dudullu Metro Station (Istanbul)

Project Duration: 6 months

Start Date: 2021

Funding Programme: EIT Urban Mobility

Status: Completed

Project Objectives

The new Istanbul Mobility Lab within the Dudullu Metro Station specialized on the theme of future mobility to design and create solutions to the city’s existing transportation and mobility problems with citizens and entrepreneurs. The Dudullu Metro Station will be in 2022, which fits very well to this RAPID 3D model project because the 3D model of the station and the Mobility Lab can be assessed virtually already from 2021 and onwards.

Challenge Addressed

Prototyping in 3D to support city decision making and citizen engagement around changes and interventions to the built environment.

Solution Proposed, Focus Area

The RAPID 3D modeling approach to Dudullu Metro station in Istanbul was applied, to engage with different stakeholder groups in 2021 before the station and Mobility Lab are open.

The City of Istanbul has done important prior work regarding citizen behavioral profiles, to reflect the diverse communities across the city. Based on these citizen behavioral profiles, avatars will be created for the simulation moving through the digital space. The vision and the strategy of the model aim to be aligned to the local settings and link real-life citizen profiles and their needs to the project in an inclusive, democratic and open perspective. These pedestrian avatars controlled by Artificial Intelligence behavioral scripts, will use a UNITY-based solution that could also allow users to make dynamic changes to the design of the spatial area according to the AI-controlled behavior profiles. The RAPID 3D model will allow such changes to the model area within a matter of minutes and hours and the new proposal can then be tested with the different stakeholders. The process for identifying these characteristics will be an iterative process and valuable to identify potential blockages or “pinch points” and give opportunities to use this for citizen engagement.

Target Groups

Citizens from the local area and beyond.

People within the city who have expertise in urban planning, smart cities, and similar domains.


Project Consortium:

·       Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) (project lead)

·       PixelMill Ltd.


Built the consortium, provided coordination between IMM and Pixemill and consulted them during the Project activities.


For more info:

Telephone: +90 212 2232101

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