Project Title: Development the Competences of Key Persons for better Integration and Employability of Disadvantaged Groups on the European Labour Market (DC-Key-Train)

Project Duration: 24 months

Start Date: August 2009

Funding Authority: European Commission-Lifelong Learning Programme-Leonardo da Vinci

Type of Instrument: Partnership Project

Status: Completed

Project Objectives 

The project aims to facilitate the development of innovative training that will be available to SMEs

and employment-support institutions in the partner countries.

Within this framework, the partnership will

  1. a) prepare a comparative survey of the legislative and programmatic framework for vocational rehabilitation in each country
  2. b) develop the partnership to provide practical cooperation between the participating institutions (for example in quality development and in preparing further joint programmes) and
  3. c) develop the partners individual capacity to co-operate with SMEs in the integration of people with disabilities and other disadvantage groups
  4. d) take steps in each country to have their work on skills / competencies (both previous and resulting from the project) recognised by and accessible to SMEs
  5. e) develop innovative practices in the field of vocational rehabilitation and training for this vulnerable group by comparing, transferring and unifying the approaches and good practice of the countries
  6. f) develop a joint training programme and support programme for key players in SMEs and institutions which work with them in order to achieve successful integration of the target group and
  7. g) evaluate the acquired skills and competencies of the partners and evaluate the partnership, objectives and results

Project Consortium

Participant organisation name Participant org. short name Country
1. Inštitut Republike Slovenije za rehabilitacijo Slovenia
2. Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants Ltd. VRC United Kingdom
3. Schulungszentrum Fohnsdorf SZF Austria
4. TAGES Industry and Information Technology Research Development Implementation Inc TAGES Turkey



–         presenting the legislation frame of vocational rehabilitation and training in Turkey,

–         facilitating cooperation between SMEs, other institutions and disadvantaged groups by means of its large network of SMEs, NGOs, universities and other institutions,

–         disseminating the training and support programme for key players in SMEs in Turkey.

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