Project Title: CircularPSP (Public Service Platforms for Circular, Innovative and Resilient Municipalities through PCP)

Project Duration: 40 months

Start Date: 1 January 2023

Funding Authority: European Union’s Horizon Europe Programme


Type of Instrument: Pre-commercial procurement (i.e. innovation procurement as tender)

Status: Ongoing


Project Objectives:


CircularPSP brings together 7 procurers from 7 countries, representing 45 million citizens, to invest €5.64 million in R&D to tackle the common challenge of accelerating digital transition towards a Circular Economy (CE). The Buyers Group represents highly attractive national markets (DE, FI, TR, SE, IE, PT, SI) supported by a Preferred Partner in the UK, including capitals with global influence (Berlin, Helsinki, London, Istanbul). The consortium represents European CE transition and PCP leaders in science and practice. Suppliers are expected to deliver a new green digital public service and data platform enabling entire municipal operations (city) and the local economy (market) to choose, open up, and consume existing and new data. The solution is to support business processes and workflows to plan, procure and implement innovative CE-solutions across Europe more quickly and at a larger volume. The unmet procurement needs are: tools to improve organisational and operational performance; data analytics using taxonomies to exploit and exchange CE information and data; removal of language barrier to unlock EU-wide knowledge and learnings. To enable the transition suppliers will answer with ICT innovation in the cross-cutting combination and leveraging of existing and new strategic digital technologies: 1) scalable platforms for city and SMEs users, 2) CE data analytics using EU taxonomy, open linked data, injected by AI, and 3) natural language processing (NLP) to break language barriers across the EU and beyond.


The envisaged solution is relevant for all European authorities including cities, ministries, agencies, and housing. Activity triggered by the solution will increase the volume of circular procurement and widen commercialisation opportunities for green digital companies and result in EU leadership in Circular Economy. With interoperability at the core and innovative tools for data sharing and open standards, the solution will provide a use case for the upcoming Common Industrial and Green Deal European Data.


Project Consortium




TAGES will provide technical information support to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, as the lead procurer of the Project, during the tender processes within the Project, coordinate development processes of the first prototype version of CircularPSP (Phase 2) by suppliers, establish the pilot evaluation framework (success indicators, measures, development of evaluation tools (surveys, etc.), evaluate the supplier outputs and pilot progress reports and make recommendations (Phase 3)


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