Project Title: Development of Expertise on Acquis Communautaire in Turkish Machinery Sector.

Project Duration: 7 months

Start Date: January 2007

Funding Authority: Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Secretariat General for EU Affaires EU Bridges of Knowledge Programme

Status: Completed

Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to provide a sustainable contribution to the adaptation of the EU directives relevant to the machinery sector, corresponding to the ‘Free Movement of Goods’ subtitle of the Acquis communautaire.

The specific objectives of the project are;

– Awareness building on the adaptation and implementation of the Acquis Communautaire by development of technical expertise and knowledge in MIB on the EU directives related to the machinery sector.

– Ensuring experience sharing and increasing expertise capacity among different shareholders in the international machinery sector via the sustainable expertise sharing network created within the project.

Project Consortium:

Organization Name Status Participation in Project as Country
Machine Manufacturers Association (MIB) Non-Profit Association Project Owner Turkey
Katholieke Hogeschool Oostende(KHBO) University Project Partner Belgium
Unione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Utensili (UCIMU) Non-Profit Association Project Partner Italy
Svaz Výrobců A Dodavatelů Strojírenské Techniky (SST) Profiting Interest Group Associate Partner Czech Republic
Under secretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade Public Body Associate Partner Turkey
Republic of Turkey Ministry of Industry and Trade Public Body Associate Partner Turkey



TAGES is responsible for the project coordination on behalf of MIB. TAGES is thus responsible for the following tasks:

– Project management

– Ensuring the execution of the project as it is foreseen in the project document

– Coordinating the different activities of the project

– Ensuring the coordination in the consortium

– Reporting to the funding authority

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