Born in 1966 in Ankara, she graduated from the Middle East Technical University Statistics Department. After developing and managing many Information Technology projects in the banking and finance sector for 11 years, she developed and managed analytical CRM projects based on Strategic 1to1 Marketing Consulting and Solution services for 2 years. She developed B2B e-business project for the manufacturing SMEs industry, as well as developing the European Union Communication Platform as a portal, namely ‘,’ and managing the project.

Being one of the main founders of TAGES Industry and Information Technology Research Development Implementation, Istanbul, she develops new business lines for meeting SMEs’ requirements in order to increase their competitive advantage through science, technology and international activities. She provides project development and management consulting to SMEs on EU funded technology projects in collaboration with technology foundations and public SME organisations enabling technology transfer and knowledge dissemination activities through SMEs.

She speaks native Turkish and Italian, fluent English, and beginner’s French and Japanese.

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