Born in 1966 in Istanbul, he graduated from the Bogazici University Computer Engineering Department. Since 1988 worked in ICT sector as a professional and entrepreneur, developed and managed numerous products and projects, reaching more than 1 million power users. Besides his ICT management skills (Product Development, Quality and Test Management, Product Marketing, New Business Development) he is in worldwide research and innovation since 1995, planned, developed and managed joint research projects including projects funded by European Union research Funding Programmes since EU FP5. He is an expert in Supply Chain Execution, Business Interoperability and Integration, Social Networks, Value Chain Management, eBusiness, eCommerce, Virtual Enterprise, Digital Market, Banking Transactions, Enterprise Application Integration, SME Needs. Besides being member of Istanbul ICT Watchdog Group, he is also one of the experts in European Digital Agenda Localization in Turkey Project responsible for Digital Single Market and Interoperability and Standards pillars.

He speaks native Turkish, fluent English and German, and beginner’s French.

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