The Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture (LAUD) Bilkent University organizes periodically “LAUD Talks” events which focus on landscape architecture and urban design topics on the collaborative approaches.  Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, was invited as the speaker of last week’s “LAUD Talks” event organized on March 20, 2019 in Ankara, Turkey and she gave a speech on “Collaborative Approaches in City Development and EU Practices”.  Arsan underlined the importance of open data for the transformation of smart cities and mentioned how living-labs and fablabs took place in smart city projects during her speech.


Livable cities depend on the level of smart city, sustainable city, durable city and happy city. Supporting the development of smart cities requires transparency, participation and collaboration. Development of the projects by the citizens is ensured by transparency of the cities. On the other hand, interdisciplinary working is the most important approach for the new projects which create more livable cities.

Today “Open Data” is one of the most profound and disputable topics to be a collaborative city. Everybody agrees that creation of a better city will be possible with open and shared data and collaborative working. Leyla Arsan, who came together with the students of Bilkent University in the “LAUD Talks” event, first opened a discussion on how to describe citizens and city managers. She stated that public data was still not open in Turkey and in this case the citizens couldn’t reach the data and participate in the projects that promote the city. On the other hand, the City Managers couldn’t determine what the city’s needs are, she said.  

To avoid these aforesaid problems, more effective projects can be demonstrated by the citizens who use city data. As an effective solution, the key aspect is the transparency which enables the data and information sharing between citizens and city administrators.

When we look at the successful smart city projects of the EU cities where data is open and shared, we can understand the important role of open data.


You can watch the full speech of Leyla Arsan here: