Elazig: Emerging City of Makers and Developers

Eastern Anatolia 1st ICT Meeting Event (DBB’17) was organized by Fırat University, Firat Teknokent, Harput Agency and Nida Agency in Elazig Akgun Hotel on March 9-10, 2017. This event brought together regional and national business, government, politics, academics, entrepreneurs and investors with the ICT professionals. Leyla Arsan, CEO of TAGES, was one of the speakers in the “Digital Business World” and “Digital Transformation and Smart Cities” panels.

Business Bridge to Houston

A delegation of Turkish Business Women attended “Ankara – Houston Entrepreneur Women Forum” in Houston on October 23-30, 2016 which was organized by ANGIKAD (Entrepreneur Business Women and Support Association) and Houston Trade Attaché. Hikmet Barutcu, Coordinator of TAGES and a member of ANGIKAD, was one of 13 attendees to create business opportunities between Turkey and USA especially on smart cities and women employment.

SME Open Innovation Success in Intelligent Translation

OPENISME (Open Innovation Platform for Innovative SMEs – www.openisme.eu), co-funded project by the CIP Programme of the European Union, helps SMEs in finding qualified scientific experts for their innovation needs, solving the long-standing problem of matching the right skills to the right problem. Many SMEs from participating project partners’ countries started to use external knowledge through OPENISME in order to improve their innovation success and they already created success stories.


Project Title: VERITAS (Virtual Enterprises for Integrated Industrial Solutions) Project Duration: 18 months Start Date: 01 July 2004 Funding Authority: European Union 6th Framework Programme Type of Instrument: Specific Support Action Status: Completed Project Objectives VERITAS overall objective was to increase the dynamics of European Industrial Enterprises by transforming them, where appropriate and possible, to more agile and re-active companies that…