Teens develop smart city video games with DIGITgame!

DIGITgame (Digital Improvement by Game in Teaching) is a 2-years Project funded by Erasmus + Programme of the European Union and it started on Dec 31st, 2018 to develop STEM, ecological, ICT and digital skills of young students through the playful video games in smart city concept and to make them more creative, innovative, competent and enthusiastic students on science. TAGES is one of the project partners.

Let’s Innovate with OPENISME!

How do you check the innovation of your business idea? How do you find the qualified scientific experts for your innovation needs? European SMEs and Entrepreneurs use and get benefit from the OPENISME Platform on their way to innovation and many success stories have been obtained through the platform. TAGES, as the intermediary partner of the OPENISME Project, helps both Turkish and European SMEs and entrepreneurs.